Sugar FAQs

  • Q: What is the min order quantity on personalised sugar? For both sachets and sticks as little as 500/1000 (normally for conferences and product launches) and can be printed in full colour if required and no origination costs as they are produced digitally up to 3000. Larger amounts are printed Flexographic.
  • Q: What kind of sugar do you personalise? White and cane (brown) granulated sugar. All packed in sticks or sachets. White and brown single sugar and double cubes with personalised wrappers.
  • Q: How long does it take to produce? On average around 2-3 weeks depending on the quantity and type of sugar packaging required.
  • Q: What are the packaging options? Paper and transparent film sticks. Round, flat, long-slim, pyramid, rectangular, square paper sachets – offered with varying sugar fills from 1.5g to 5g depending on the type of packaging.
  • Q: Is your sugar Fair Trade? 95% of our sugar projects are produced for promotional purposes and are required asap. Having a Fair Trade logo on the packs needs approval of the FT organisation and this can take weeks for their approval. This plus the extra cost of paying for FT sugar is the reason we do not usually use Fair Trade sugar. If it is required, we can supply Fair Trade sugar.