Personalised Tea – FAQs

Q: What is the min order quantity on personalised tea? If printed directly onto tea sachets 5000. If you require less we can produce just 250 sachets using digital labels.
Q: What is our standard tea? Usually a very nice Kenyan tea, tastes just like a breakfast tea.
Q: Do you do loose tea? No. Only string & tagged tea bags that can be personalised or whole leaf tea in mesh ’pyramids’.
Q: How long does it take to produce a tea project? Once you have approved any sachet / packaging proofs normally around 3-4 weeks depending on quantity.
Q: On string & tagged tea bags can you print the tags and do different shapes? We can print your artwork in 1-4 colours on tags but the actual shape and size cannot be changed.
Q: What is the tea sachet made of and how many colours can you print? Tea sachets are sometimes called foil envelopes. However the actual material is a laminate made up of a foil, film and paper and is specially made for the tea filling machine that fills the tea, applies the ‘twine’ to the tag. Folds the twine around the tea-bag and inserts it into the printed laminate all in one process. The laminate is printed by the Flexographic process in CMYK or Pantone colours.
Q: What is the min order for tea cartons? 1000. No carton manufacturer will produce less. We own cutters for 10/15/25/40/50 tea sachets. The 25 tea sachet is automatically filled on line with the others being hand filled. Bespoke cartons can be produced.
Q: Is your tea Fair Trade? 95% of our tea projects are produced for promotional purposes and are required asap. Having a Fair Trade logo on the packs needs approval of the FT organisation and this can take weeks for their approval. This plus the extra cost of paying for FT tea is the reason we do not usually use Fair Trade tea. If it is required, we can supply Fair Trade tea.
Q: Do you do Yorkshire tea, Tetley or PG tips? No. Only the brand owners can pack these brands.
Q: What shape of teabags can you do? We only produce the one size/shape of tea bag which is known as a single-chamber tea bag 58mm x 50mm. This is automatically set up on the tea machine with the staple-free attached twine (string). However, on our speciality range of teas in mesh ‘Pyramids’ we can offer four different shapes of tag providing the quantity is 48,000.